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Announcing Valist v3 — new webapp + Valist Sapphire launcher! Our biggest update yet 🚀
Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist Dev Letter #11, where we bring you updates on the latest and greatest, from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!
Valist is like that your buddy named Fred that seems to know the latest Javescript framework
We decided to hold off on last weeks dev letter to prepare some HUGE v3 updates that was pending a merge — not the Ethereum Merge 😉 — now it’s time to showcase what we’ve been working on!
In this Devletter we cover:
  • Announcements (What happened this week)
  • Feature Previews (Things you should check out!)
  • Educational Article of the Week
  • Our Best Tweets
  • Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
Announcements 🚀
Introducing our biggest update yet! Valist v3 — this includes a complete redesign and major upgrades to stability, UX, and real-time Subgraph fetching!
Our amazing Creative Director Aise (hi Aise if you’re reading this) has done it again with a complete redesign and major upgrade to our UX. Keenan and Zach have been hard at work converting over our webapp to an entirely new site, rebuilt from the ground up for speed, stability, and a fresh new look! We got some great feedback from the community on onboarding flows now it’s as easy as eating a slice of pizza.
The new feel also passes the vibe of Valist as a whole, which is fun, vibrant and easy!
Here’s a short GIF of the New Valist in speedy action:
If you want to go in head first into the new app, check it out here!
Introducing Valist Sapphire launcher: Apps and Games on Valist can now be launched and installed completely natively. Think Steam or the App Store, for Web3!
From a users point of view, this makes using software published on Valist much easier, and opens up the possibilities to native web3 apps and games! You can also install anything to your local IPFS node — from Go binaries (node software, CLI tools, etc) to web frontends (your favorite dApps), to Unity games! With just a click of a button, they are immediately using your dapp or game. A separate announcement is coming soon for this new product, but here’s the sneak preview!
Publishing just got a whole lot easier!
A simple 3 step flow to take you from ‘Never Published on Valist’ to ‘Damn Publishing on Valist is Easy’ — our new onboarding process will help you establish an account, project, and publish a new release with much better explanations of each step, and more robust and intelligent forms!
Educational Article of the Week
How to Publish Binaries in Web3
Publishing your binaries and keeping track of all the releases can be a real headache at times, especially in today’s tech scene, where web3 has flourished and fantastic decentralized protocols are developing on a daily basis. This can be a significant problem if not handled efficiently. This article is meant to help with this specific issue by demonstrating how simple it is to publish your binaries using Valist.
How to Publish Binaries in Web3. Publishing your binaries and keeping… | by Vanshika Rana
Our Top 5 Best Tweets of the Week ✨ on Twitter: ✨ on Twitter: ✨ on Twitter: ✨ on Twitter:
Latest Happenings in the Web3 Space
Coinbase Lost $1.1 Billion in Q2
Coinbase released their Q2 earnings report recently and they lost a whooping $1.1 Billion dollared, yes Billion with a B, according to the report Trading volume on the exchange fell by 29% in the second quarter, which lead to a sharp decline in Revenue generated for Coinbase.
Mark Cuban says buying metaverse real estate is ‘the dumbest shit ever’
“The worst part is that people are buying real estate in these places,” Cuban told Altcoin Daily this week. “That’s just the dumbest shit ever……right now it’s more talk than anything,” Cuban said in the interview about the metaverse.
Mark Cuban says buying metaverse real estate is 'the dumbest shit ever' - MarketWatch
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