Devletter #12: Valist Hackathons and IPFS infra upgrade!



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Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist Dev Letter #12, where we bring you updates on the latest and greatest, from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!

Valist is like that lecturer that’s so cool you can troll php devs with them
We are back in your emails like we never left!
In this Devletter we cover:
  • Announcements (What happened this week)
  • Feature Previews (Things you should check out!)
  • Educational Article of the Week
  • Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
We are Hosting a Hackathon with Moralis!
It isn’t hard - it’s just Web3!
We’re proud to be one of the official partners for the 1, 2, Web3 Hackathon - the easiest way to get into Web3 of 2022! 🥳
Make sure to sign up for the Moralis x Filecoin 1, 2, Web3 Hackathon before it kicks off on Monday, August 29th, 2022 to compete for a total prize pool of $200,000 💰
The hackathon offers four tracks - “Metaverse & Gaming”, “Cloning Web2”, “Developer Tooling”, and “Doing Good” - to challenge the builders of tomorrow 🏆
Whether you’re already a seasoned Web3 developer or are just looking to get into blockchain, the 1, 2, Web3 hackathon is the perfect opportunity for you to do so! 💫
Sync to 📅 the hackathon calendar 📅 today to not miss out on any event!
Click here to register: 
1, 2, Web3 Hackathon - Moralis x Filecoin 2022 Hackathon
We are also coming to ETHOnline as sponsors!
Join us September 2nd - 28th for ETHOnline—where you’ll be able to build the future of web3 with thousands of developers and creatives just like you. Don’t miss out on ETHGlobal’s largest event of the year, and make your mark on this moment in merge history! 
🗓 2nd Sept. — 28th Sept.
💰 $200k+ Prizes
🧩 Mentorship + Learning Opportunities
🗺 Exclusive Access to Top Teams + Speakers
Get ready to take your ideas to new heights with exclusive access to teams like Skale, IPFS, Filecoin, Worldcoin, and grow your skillset with 24/7 assistance from technical mentors. If you’re looking to build, learn, and explore the future of web3, this is the event for you.
Click here to register:
ETHOnline (Sept 2-28) - Build on, this September
There’s so many opportunities in web3 right now despite the bear market…the question is:
What will you be building?!
Feature previews & highlights
Brand new IPFS infrastructure (hehe yup, we upgraded it again)!
Here at Valist, we believe your time is worth everything. That’s why we work constantly to improve the performance, interoperability, and decentralization of every part of the stack, especially storage!
This latest iteration of the Valist IPFS infrastructure packs a serious punch. Not only is it likely one of the fastest IPFS experiences you’ll enjoy with solid peer to peer connections around the world, it speaks both the S3 storage API, and the native IPFS pinning spec! This means you can plug your local IPFS node into the Valist infrastructure as a pinning remote, no problem! Or, you can upload files and folders with just a POST call to the HTTP endpoint, easy peasy. Our SDK also makes it just one function call to writeJSON, writeFile, or writeFolder, and works in both Node.js and Browser environments!
And of course, everything is automatically archived to Filecoin for long-term storage!
How do we do this? 🤯
Expect a separate announcement soon with more details, but for now, enjoy the following enhancements, on us!
Project Sapphire is coming!
Get ready to game like you’ve never gamed before! Web3 gaming has been all money no fun for way too long, time to fix that up!
We’re gearing up Sapphire to be built and published in CI/CD, available to download on Valist very soon (just have to get through the web2 gatekeeper’s hoops like Apple and Microsoft first, but that’s what we have to do to bring web3 to the masses!)
Join our discord to be the first to see what we announce:
Join the Valist Web3 Dev & InfoSec Discord Server!
Educational Article of the Week
App Stores vs Valist
If you are a developer, you know that development is only the first stage of the process; following development, there are other stages such as marketing, publishing, and so on. These phases are just as crucial as the development phase. Let’s focus on the publishing phase in this article.
Latest happenings in the web3 Space
Web3 Development Remains Strong Despite Crypto Downturn: Report
Web3 Development Remains Strong Despite Crypto Downturn: Report
#FreeAlex: Arrest of Blockchain Developer Alexey Pertsey Could Spell Trouble for Web3
#FreeAlex: Arrest of Blockchain Developer Alexey Pertsey Could Spell Trouble for Web3 - SuperCryptoNews
Welp, thats it for this week, its a detailed one this time and one for the devs to sink in.
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