Devletter #13: Project Sapphire and Google Cloud to Validate Transactions on Axie Infinity



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Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist Dev Letter, where we bring you updates on the latest and greatest, from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!

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In this Devletter we cover:
  • Announcements (What happened this week)
  • Feature Previews (Things you should check out!)
  • Educational Article of the Week
  • Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
Sapphire Launcher Developer Preview is now available!
We know you’re excited about the Sapphire Launcher — so are we! While we gear up for the launch of Sapphire (badum, tss 🥁), we have opened up the launcher to developers to get started today!
Check out the following docs to get started:
Sapphire Launcher - Valist Docs
Feature Previews
New Pricing and Finance page design is in the works! Soon, you’ll be able to view your app’s sales metrics, as well as view your treasury balances across every token you’re selling your app for!
This will give publishers an excellent overview of the performance of their app, and managing their revenue streams!
Educational Article of the week
What will the new creator economy look like? a thread by us!
Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
Google Cloud to Validate Transactions on Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network
Google Cloud has agreed to run a validator node on the Ronin network, an gaming-centric sidechain. Ronin was attacked in March in one of the largest DeFi heists of all time. Google Cloud will be the 18th validator on Ronin, representing a doubling in the tally since the network lost $552 million worth of cryptocurrency in a high-profile March attack. The U.S. Treasury has blamed the North Korean state-sponsored hacking group Lazarus for the misdeed.
‘Go to jail:’ Community roasts Celsius-themed Monopoly board game
A new Celsius-themed Monopoly board game named “Celsiusopoly” has emerged on a U.S.-based online e-commerce marketplace. The game features themed rewards and interest, property, customer care, compliance, loan and development cards, along with an instruction manual and a die. Celsius is a cryptocurrency lending platform that officially went into bankruptcy on Jul. 13, following a long-term liquidity crisis and series of halting withdrawals from customers. The ill-timed release of the board game has seen the crypto community relentlessly mocking the crypto-lender-themed product, with one Twitter user asking: Who actually thought this would be a good idea?
Welp, thats it for this week, its a detailed one this time and one for the devs to sink in.
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