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Devletter #9: How to publish your apps, binaries, and software in web3! Also "Why We Need to Build Web3 Differently"
Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist dev letter, where we bring you updates on the latest and greatest, from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!
Word on the street says that using valist makes you a super saiyan developer

Last week’s devletter was quite an interesting one, and from the numbers we think it’s safe to say you guys liked it. So lets dive in
In this Devletter, we cover:
  • Announcements (What happened this week)
  • Feature Previews (Things you should check out!)
  • Our Best Tweets
  • Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
Announcements (What happened this week)
We held a talk earlier in the week at HackFS
Missed our HackFS talk? Learn how to publish your apps, binaries, and other software in web3!
Valist: Publishing & distributing your apps, games, and binaries in web3
We have an event coming up, where we will be talking on ‘Problems with software distribution in Web 3.0’.
July 20th by 5:00 PM CEST Register below:
Feature previews
We are currently working on an absolutely stunning Dashboard, that improves the UX ten folds!.
We can’t show the dashboard yet, cause its a state secret!
We are also working on a commenting system for softwares published on valist! Now you can get feedback directly from users and feel the pulse of your community!
Here’s a preview
Our Best Tweets
asiyaasha.eth | 🔜 🇫🇷 Paris | 🌱 asyaasha.lens on Twitter:
Recorem_Official on Twitter:
Latest Happenings in the Web3 Space
Why We Need to Build Web3 Differently
Hackathons are an ideal place to meaningfully shift the culture of Web3 towards building products with real-world applications, says the co-founder of Crypto Research and Design Lab.
How Web3 Will Aid in a New Era of Credential Data Ownership and User Empowerment
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Web3 might be the likes of NFTs, the metaverse or blockchain technology. Although all of these concepts do fall under the umbrella that is Web3, additional features such as credential data networks also fit into the picture, which play an integral part in the progression of Web3.
Polkadot Maintains Developer Growth With Strong Q2 Metrics
Polkadot, the multichain network and open platform for secure Web3 innovation, has hit a number of impressive adoption milestones. It is actively demonstrating sustained momentum and community support despite the current industry-wide downtrend.
Well, that’s the newsletter for the week, please hop into our Discord to share feedback, even if it’s negative feedback.
Looking forward to the magic we’ll create Next week! , have a fun week ahead!
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