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Valist Web3 Newsletter - Issue #8
Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist dev letter, where we bring you updates on the latest from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!
The newsletter that keeps you up to date with the web3 dev ecosystem, like Twitter, keeps you up with internet drama

This week’s newsletter is going to be a bit different. We are bringing you some fantastic updates and bug fixes that we have done around the app, some incredible things the Valist team is up to, and, of course, your favorite web 3 news section. So, grab on tight, and let’s get started.
We have new sections
  • Announcements (What happened this week)
  • Feature Previews (Things you should check out!)
  • Bug Fixes (New section 🥳)
  • Our Best Tweets (New section 🥳)
  • Latest Happenings in the Web 3.0 Space
  • Starting off with an amazing announcement: Valist will be at HackFS!🚀 We have a whopping $5000 in the prize pool. Anyone who participates in the hackathon and deploys on Valist is eligible. Wuhu! Check out:
Feature Previews
The lovely discovery page that we shared last week is now LIVE! 🥳 You can now find incredible software/games/apps that have been deployed on Valist easily! Check it out:
Not just that but if you want to be a featured app on the discovery page, simply fill out this form: more to come soon!
React JS and Next JS are two of the most popular JS libraries and frameworks, and we know how much developers like them (we do too <3) so it goes without saying that we would want to make it as simple as possible for developers to deploy their react and next projects on Valist, which is why we offer you two amazing developer-friendly ways to do so: Using CLI or Github Actions
Check out these example projects for step by step process:  
For React App:
For Next App:
Bug Fixes
Bugs are inevitable and we at Valist are no stranger to that. However, we strongly believe that bugs will only motivate you to work harder to make your product the best it can be! This week we found not-so-critical but important-to-fix bugs on our app. We wanted to share some of them and their fixes with you all!
  1. Fixing deeply nested folder uploading in GitHub Actions We found out that the folder uploading using Github Actions was a total pain, especially when it came to nested folders with numerous files. To make sure, the experience for our users stays smooth we simplified the directory and file upload ✨
  2. Cleaning up dependencies We also worked on eliminating Valist’s unnecessary dependencies. This will speed up the app, resulting in a better user experience, faster uploads, and overall amazing performance.
  3. Fixed WalletConnect signing for certain wallets
  4. Some wallets were having issues with signing messages with WalletConnect + OpenGSN + WAGMI + RainbowKit, so we figured out a way to make them all work nicely together for even more wallets!
  5. Here’s how we did it: Pull Request #179
  6. Fixed Magic login in RainbowKit
  7. Magic login was temporarily broken due to versioning issues between libraries. With the latest RainbowKit and wagmi-magic-connector ****Magic email login is now working flawlessly next to your favorite wallet login options.
  8. Fixing intermittent issues where transaction notification did not disappear Earlier this week, one of our OG Valist members helped us identify this issue on the app where the transaction notification for project editing was not disappearing even after the transaction was successful. This issue was solved by rearranging some of the accounts and transaction functions in our codebase. Check it out:
  9. Fixing Markdown code highlighting on dark mode Another member from our discord shared this issue with us where the code highlighting on dark mode was not working. Something like this:
The fix for this was rather easy! 🚀 Sometimes smaller bugs can easily be missed, that’s why we love when the community jumps in <3 Thankful to everyone, who is helping us make Valist better.
Our Best Tweets
Have you followed us on Twitter yet? 👀
A Quick introduction to Valist! ✨ on Twitter: "Developing decentralized apps while recentralizing at the distribution level remains a key challenge. We at Valist are trying to bridge this exact gap. Here's your quick introduction to Valist! A Thread 🧵" / Twitter
Is your game already published on apps like Steam?
Why do you think decentralization is important?
Web 3 News
What is the environmental impact of Web3?
Given the need to deliver high-performance computing for Web3 development, minimizing its environmental impact is essential to future success.
Don’t Write Off NFT Gaming Just Yet - CNET
Gamers scorn games that use crypto and NFTs. A new wave of these “Web3” games hopes to prove them wrong.
Well, that’s the newsletter for the week, yes we know it’s a new format if you loved this? please hop into our Discord to share feedback, even if you hate it we still want to know.
Looking forward to the magic we’ll create Next week! , have a fun week ahead!
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