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Gm, and welcome to the first edition of the Valist Dev Newsletter!

Gm gM GM! What’s up web3 devs? Welcome to the Valist dev letter, where we bring you updates on the latest from Valist and the web3 developer ecosystem!
The newsletter today has 3 sections:
  1. Updates and Announcements
  2. What to look out for next week (some awesome previews, too!)
  3. Latest Web3 News and Educational content
Updates and Announcements
🚀 We’ve got a top sponsorship spot for ETHNewYork!
Valist will be at ETHNewYork! We’ll also have a workshop on how to publish your apps and games with Valist. We’re looking forward to meeting you all!
Check us out on the ETHNewYork site:
ETHNewYork (Jun 24-26, 2022) - New York's Premier Blockchain hackathon
🖥 New, easy to use frontend
We’ve updated the frontend of our dashboard to make it easy for you to get to publishing your application, as well as managing accounts and projects.
Check out how sleek the new app is:
🔗 New GitHub Action
This is the easiest way to integrate your existing CI/CD pipeline with Valist! Simply configure your account from the Valist Dashboard, then add a short workflow file to your GitHub Repo.
You can do the following with the Valist Action:
  • Publish your GitHub Releases automatically
  • Publish source code snapshots
  • Publish any arbitrary files/folders/other data in an automated release
Check out the Quick Start below! As always, looking forward to your feedback 😄
GitHub Action Quick Start - Valist Documentation
💻 Valist CLI v2.1.0 Release
We released v2.1.0 of our CLI — this is a revamped version based on our v2 contracts. It provides a super simple way to publish and download Valist Releases.
Take a look at how easy it is to use:
valist publish acme-co/go-binary/0.0.1 dist/*
valist download acme-co/go-binary
To get started, check our CLI Quick Start!
CLI Quick Start - Valist Documentation
⚙️ New and Improved Valist SDK
The Valist SDK bridges the IPFS and Ethereum networks.
We rebuilt the TypeScript SDK based on our v2 contracts, and made it even easier to interact with Valist!
Check out the SDK Quick Start here:
SDK Quick Start - Valist Documentation
The ability to add Gallery Screenshots and Videos
When publishing you can now add multiple screenshot images and videos, which will appear in your project profile page. You can also embed a YouTube video link.
What to look out for next week!
In the coming week we’ve got a major update planned:
A new landing page design
We just onboarded a top product designer into our team and are about to launch a new sleek landing page! From there, we’re off to the revamp the webapp design 😎
Here’s a sneak peak:
Latest Web3 News and Educational content
NEAR developers to get seamless Web3 app deployment with Pocket Network:
According to Pocket Network, the latest integration with NEAR allows native developers to deploy their applications on other supported blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and more.
NEAR developers to get seamless Web3 app deployment with Pocket Network
Fireblocks introduces Web3 Engine with developer tools to accelerate ecosystem growth
This suite of tools is designed for developers to build products and services in the DeFi, GameFi and NFT spaces.
Fireblocks introduces Web3 Engine with developer tools to accelerate ecosystem growth
a16z released the 2022 State of Crypto Report
This week a16z published their 2022 research on the state of crypto.
Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report - a16z crypto
See you soon!
That’s all for now — see you next week!
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